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Overcoming Specialty Occupation RFE: Criterion 2b


Criterion 2b: The job is so complex or unique that it can be performed only by an individual with a degree.

This criterion is best attached in needs a few ways. Consider the following:

Prepare a detailed job description by:

  1. Expanding on each of the duties listed in the initial petition. Consider adding 2-3 sub-bullets for each main duty.

  2. Listing the tools and technologies required to perform the tasks.

  3. Listing the courses taken by the Beneficiary that provided the knowledge necessary to perform the tasks. Do your best to highlight the complexity of the position.

  4. If necessary, making a Defensor argument in order for convince USCIS to accept the job duties form the petitioner. 

Get a letter written by a college professor:

  1. Find a professor who is an expert in the field and will confirm that the position is complex.

  2. Prepare a detailed job description, as mentioned above, and send it to the professor so he/she can incorporate the duties into the analysis of the position. The letter should also discuss the complex skills required to perform the duties, the university-level courses that teach the requisite skills, and more.

Make it known that this is the only specific, credible, and expert testimony about the position on the record.

Eren Yildirim