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Excellent New H-1B Case (8/5/19): Relx, Inc. v. Baran


The recent Relx, Inc. v. Baran ruling is great for H-1B companies and beneficiaries. Here are a few of the key takeaways along with YLF analysis:

  1. The Court finds USCIS’s argument of “since multiple fields of education are suitable for the position... it is not one that is qualified as a specialty occupation” to be unacceptable. The Court also states “There is no requirement in the statute that only one type of degree be accepted for a position to be specialized.”

    This is great for positions like Computer Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, and more.

  2. The Court states: “If the position requires the beneficiary to apply practical and theoretical specialized knowledge and a higher education degree it meets the requirements.”

    The Court states that a specialty occupation is simply a position requiring (1) a university degree (no mention of specific specialty) + (2) the application of practical and theoretical specialized knowledge.

  3. The Court discusses the OOH, stating:

The OOH itself also explains that the typical entry level education for “Computer occupations, all other” is a “Bachelor's Degree.” Since the OOH indeed does provide specific detailed information regarding educational requirements for the computer operations category, and the detailed information states most of the occupations require a four-year bachelor's degree, the agency's rationale was both factually inaccurate and not supported by the record.

The Court states that this position is a specialty occupation because the OOH confirms that “the typical entry level education is a Bachelor's Degree,” which meets Criterion 1. The Court’s straightforward and reasonable approach to the law is great to see.

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Eren Yildirim